marți, 6 decembrie 2011

"Dacă voi nu ne vreţi, noi vă vrem [If you don’t want us, we want you], the work of Alexandra Pirici represents different enactments of living sculptures, confronting public heroic monuments and buildings in Bucharest, such as the controversially rebuilt equestrian statue of Carol I, the monument of the 1989 Revolution or the House of the People.
The artists embody the awkward reflexion of a past that is all too questionable despite its apparent immutability, with well-rooted and imposing effects on the present. In the uneven relationship between their bodies and the stone or the bronze, they manage to cast doubt upon their objects of reference, to reveal them as the real ghosts."

Raluca Voinea - curator for "Doppelganger of the Recent Past" exibition in the frame of "Temps d'Images" festival.

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